Supplies for Metal Roofing in Cedar City

Classic tile roofing materials are commonly seen in many residential properties, while metal roofing has normally been found on larger commercial buildings like offices. But in recent years, trends point to the idea that metal roofing is on the rise for houses around Cedar City. Roofers Supply collaborates with roofers throughout the Cedar City, Utah region by providing the best metal roofing products.

Advantages of Metal Roofing


There are several reasons homeowners opt for metal roofing. It's durable while remaining lightweight. While metal roofing has usually been reserved for factories, residents can benefit from metal too. The usual home roofing materials like tile can rot after a decade or so. This attracts insects, mold and draftiness into the home. Meanwhile, metal roofing can last up to 50 years without needing replacement. Metal roofing is also less prone than traditional roofing when it comes to meteorological risks caused by high winds or falling trees.

Eco-friendly and Lower Power Bills

Today, energy efficiency is among of the highest priorities for residents. If your contractors are interested in using eco-friendly materials, they should offer metal roofing to their own clients. Metal roofing is highly reflective and directs solar radiation away from entering buildings in the summer. With less heat penetrating the house, homeowners won't need air conditioning as much. This lowers their bills and energy footprint. With a 50 year investment with a metal roof, your employees won't have to fix or replace metal roofs as often. When they must, a majority of metal roofing materials are recyclable, so it's less harmful for the planet.

Power of Choice

Some residents might resist metal roofing because of its appearance, but metal comes in different hues and styles to add beauty to a house. Varieties like slate, shake and vertical panel mimic traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing brings beauty to homes around the Cedar City, Utah area without looking like a hot tin mess.

Reliable Roofing Supply

For hard working contractors around the Cedar City, Utah, having the best materials on time is important. With Roofers Supply, you and your team can rest assured that your supplies will make it on schedule and correctly fulfilled. Call us now for more details about our metal roofing supplies.