Metal Roofs in Ogden, Utah

Classic asphalt roofing materials are popular for many residences, while metal roofing has traditionally been found on larger commercial properties like offices. But in recent years, trends indicate that metal roofing is becoming more popular for houses throughout Ogden, Utah. Roofers Supply collaborates with contractors within the Ogden area by delivering only quality metal materials.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Weather-Damage Resistant

There are many reasons residents choose metal roofing. It's durable while remaining buoyant. Although metal roofing has usually been applied to office spaces, residents can benefit from the material too. Traditional home roofing materials like asphalt can rot after a short time. This attracts pests, mold and draftiness into the house. Meanwhile, metal roofing can stand up to 30-50 years without requiring replacement. Metal roofing is also more resistant than standard roofing against meteorological risks from high winds or falling debris.

Earth Friendly and Lower Emissions

Lately, using energy wisely has been among of the top priorities for residents. If your contractors are on board with going green, they should offer metal roofing to their own clients. Metal roofing is highly reflective and directs solar radiation away from affecting homes during the summer. With less heat coming into the home, homeowners won't need air conditioning as much. This decreases their cooling costs and energy use. With a 50 year purchase of a metal roof, your contractors won't need to fix or replace metal roofs as regularly. If they must, many metal roofing materials are reusable, so it creates less waste.


Some residents may be resistant to metal roofing because of its appearance, but metal is available in a variety hues and textures to add beauty to a house. Patterns like shingle, shake and vertical panel mimic standard roofing materials. Metal roofing addsclass to homes in the Ogden, Utah area without looking like a hot tin mess.

Reliable Roofing Supply

For busy contractors across the area, having the correct supplies on schedule is essential. With Roofers Supply, you and your team can feel confident that your supplies will be delivered on schedule and correctly fulfilled. Call us today for more information about our metal roofing supplies.